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Finance Lessons for Your Teen

The current economic environment has caused most everyone to reconsider their personal finances with many people having to drastically change their spending and savings habits. Out of this economic malaise may come an opportunity to finally instill the right habits in your teens that can carry them into adulthood on the right financial footing.

Understanding Your True Risk Tolerance is Vital to Portfolio Performance

As anyone would have expected, the extraordinary convergence of extreme stock market volatility, low interest rates, declining home values, diminished retirement savings accounts, and chronic economic sluggishness has taken a severe toll on the American psyche. For many investors, it may have forever altered the way in which risk is perceived and managed.

Retirement Income Planning Requires Realistic Spending Assumptions

If you have read any literature on retirement planning or have received advice from a financial professional, chances are you were presented with the 70% rule, the one that suggests that retirees will need between 70 and 80% of their pre-retirement income in order to maintain their standard of living.

Is a Fixed annuity Right For You?

One of the principal tenets of investing is that no one single investment is right for everyone. Every investment has certain characteristics, risks, and objectives that must match those of the investor, and fixed annuities are no different.

Three Ways to Get More Done in a Day

How to Select the “Right” Financial Advisor

5 Tips for Managing Financial Stress

Buy Signals Flashing With Plunge in Confidence

By John Dorfman
Bloomberg News
August 2, 2010

Consumer confidence last week hit its lowest level in five months, the Conference Board reported in its monthly sentiment survey. The confidence index fell to about 50, far below its 20-year average of about 94.

Why You Shouldn't Convert to a Roth IRA

By Annie Gasparro
The Wall Street Journal
June 14, 2010

As 2009 came to a close, financial advisers geared up for an expected flood of clients looking to convert their traditional individual retirement accounts to Roth IRAs this year.

Perspectives: Dimensionning the Housing Crisis

By Laurie S. Goodman
Financial Analysts Journal
June 2010

With the apparent stabilization of home prices and the increase in existinghome sales, many investors believe that the housing market has bottomed and is beginning to recover. I believe that such optimism is premature.

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