At Kennicott Capital Management, our goal is the preservation of capital and the long-term growth of assets while minimizing the volatility of returns.

Investment Philosophy

Our philosophy uses a holistic view of each client’s unique financial needs to determine an appropriate financial strategy and investment portfolio. We utilize strategic diversification using low-cost index exchange traded funds or mutual funds along with tactical asset allocation and portfolio rebalancing to achieve optimal risk-adjusted returns.

We believe that asset allocation is the primary determinant of both investment returns and the variance in those returns. Asset allocation at Kennicott Capital is a customized process. We analyze a variety of client-specific factors to create the right diversified asset allocation including:

  • Risk tolerance
  • Outside investment activities
  • Spending needs
  • Concentrated positions
  • Real estate holdings
  • Personal values


At Kennicott Capital, we know that the requirements of high net-worth individuals, families and businesses can be complex and multifaceted. We also believe that consistent communication and regular monitoring of each client’s financial situation are vital to making prudent investment portfolio management decisions. Our investment philosophy and management style honor these views, and we have established a hands-on approach and ease of accessibility that allow for clear, transparent flow of information to and from our clients.